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At least we agree on one thing...

KILL THE PUBE MUPPET! God, I HATE that thing! Well, I'm back. Nice job, I have very few bad things to say about this flash, it is almost entirely good.
1. Strawberry clock looked a little dark to me, I thought he was supposed to be really bright red.
2. I have no idea who the dead strawberry thing was, I guess I've been a little lax in portal voting the past few weeks.
3. You didn't kill the pube muppet DEAD ENOUGH! LOL!
Only a little lack of drawing and animation holds this flash back, but you are improving and the fact that it was funny overides almost all the bad things. Nice job, I wish I could have helped it pass judgement, but O well.
P.S. One of your reviewers made a comment on my Arnold joke. I DO (and did) know that he can't be president until we amend the Constitution (which I think we should), the point was that it was supposed to be interesting and maybe even comical. Sorry, but when that guy called me an idiot is really pissed me off seing as how all he knows about me is about a paragraph or too of text. Back to the subject, good job and I'm glad to see the normal movie to Bush Bash movie ratio tilt in favor of the norm. Well done and I can't wait for more. I await your response, and have a good Saint Valentines Day!
P.S. How did your court case go?

TheOtherTruth responds:

Thank you for your review.

Strawberry Compass is from the movie "True North", which you should definately watch. That movie won Buku awards.

I think that you might be too hung up on Strawberry's color. He used a "Loofah" before filming and his husk had a clean, natural sheen for this film!

I think the Arnold thing was probably just a mis-read on his part.

And,of course, the Bush Bash stuff....well, I have probably said it all (until his next screw up).

I do see some potential for another one of those annoying presidential dictionaries.....but you never know. ;)

Nice tribute.

I never saw the movie but now I sure as Hell want to! The music was friggin' awesome, that made it all the better. I wish I could just let the movie play all the time so I could browse NG and it wouldn't stop. You wanna know a messed up coincidence, me and you got the same name. Not much of a coincidence really, I share it with friggin' 4 other people. Someone says "Brandon", and you will hear "What?" said 5 times all at once. Gets pretty irritating. Well, not a bad flash and keep em' comin'!


Really good drawings, animation was a little bit skipped on though, they just sort of moved their feet a tad bit and slid around. You might want to change that in the future. Pretty good sounds, and I liked the uniqueness in that it was steriotypical. That sounds like an oxymoron, but it is true, and I liked it! The part with the duck hunt paradoy was the best! I LOVE THAT GAME! I also like the little fort that looks like the ones on the ORIGINAL mario from like 1984 with the fireworks and all, man that brought back memories! I look forward to helping you next flash pass judgement. (It probably wont need my help though!) One thing though, I noticed that you used the same music from a flash made by a friend of mine (the part where he walks into the castle) and the punching sound effect is also from the same person. I am curious is you know SeedyKay and got the sounds from him, or out of coincidence you used the same stuff and I was overly observent enough to notice. Just curious and I'd like to know!

Sir-Eatsalot responds:

Nope! I have no idea who that guy is, sorry. But I have done an animation where I redrew the guys feet where it was fluid, but that animation was pretty pointless. Other than that, thanks!

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It's an honor to help you pass judgement! Can't wait for the third instalment and I know I'll see this in the top 50!

PeteCook responds:

Thanks very much man. As for a third installment, we'll just have to wait and see.


I LOVE THE IDEA! If I was could hire animators or something, I would take you in a hearbeat! Aweseome idea, kickass graphics, perfect if every way! It's cool to be (To quote dusk till dawn) "A mean mother fucking servant of God!" =) I like how he gets the pistol best, that made me laugh pretty hard, so you get a 10 for humor! Please finish this, it would be a great addition to Newgrounds and make your portfolio all the better. Take your well earned 10 man!

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