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It's an honor to help you pass judgement! Can't wait for the third instalment and I know I'll see this in the top 50!

PeteCook responds:

Thanks very much man. As for a third installment, we'll just have to wait and see.


I LOVE THE IDEA! If I was could hire animators or something, I would take you in a hearbeat! Aweseome idea, kickass graphics, perfect if every way! It's cool to be (To quote dusk till dawn) "A mean mother fucking servant of God!" =) I like how he gets the pistol best, that made me laugh pretty hard, so you get a 10 for humor! Please finish this, it would be a great addition to Newgrounds and make your portfolio all the better. Take your well earned 10 man!


Add a "PLAY" button at the start, I don't think most people figured out how to start the thing. I right clicked and hit "PLAY" on the menu bar, but most people probably didn't think of that. Otherwise, great game!

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Nice one!

Perfect for the holidays! Fun to play and mess around with. Just make it so you can change the size of the snow sections to make bigger or smaller snow people.

Kickass game!

Yo, seedy, good job man, thanx for listing me as an assistant! I liked the extra features, LOL, damn cultist heretics! Good story also, the only thing I recomend adding is some music, like that heavy rock stuff that played about half the way through the game, and the death cries of the Orks would be nice. Very fun to play, and the last boss was challanging to say the least! Can't wait for the next one!

You have a little bit of hate, don't you?

You seem to preach equality and fairness, but you seem to bear a good deal of animosity for republicans. Right now, I dont have to time to right a debat with you on politics, i will stick to what i am intending to right. First of all, just because someone disagrees with you, doesnt mean that they are stupid, evil, corrupt, etc... I know lots of people who are republican, demacrat, conservative, liberal, and whole lot of other political factions who are kind and gentle. I have 2 teachers who are among the smartest people i have ever met and probably will ever meet, 1 a die hard conservative republican, the other generally liberal and a demacrat. Both of them have an open mind and know EXACTLY what they are saying! They both are good teachers and good men. They also both have an open mind and can admit when they are wrong. Everyone has a different perspective, and you have NO right to be the judge of others character when all you know about them is what you read in a review and what political party they belong to. I know plenty of others too, but there isn't room to list them all. Also, neither side should bring Jesus into this. Jesus died on the cross almost 2000 years ago to save our souls, not be used by EITHER side in politics. Whether one is a Christian, Jew, Catholic (like you, theothertruth), Lutheran, muslim, bhudist, and even etheist, I don't see why one's persoanl faith should be accounted for in politics. It's a private matter, and you can't change a person's mind on it. And as far as your debates go, it doesn't really matter. You can't change anyone's minds, and they cant change your mind. Both of us could have all the knowledge in the universe, debate for all of eterninty, and neither one of us would change our minds, no matter what you may think. So please, don't go calling everyone who is a republican stupid, its rude, not true, and if i must say something that will help your arguement (however much i dissagree with it) it makes you seem like a bad person not worthy to be listened to. However, as much as i disagree with you, i can see your probably not a bad person and you do know what you are saying. I can harbor no hate or disfavor for someone who at least has an educated opinion. Please, stop being that judgemental, to generalize like that is pure hate, and we have too much of that on our planet already. Whether you harbor it or not, your responses make it sound like you do, so choose your words a little more carefully. On a final note, i am curious to find out why you think our government is corrupt, i may disagree, but i am curious to see you reasons. I try to keep an open mind and your respons should be interesting to both sides of the arguement. Just saying all who disagree with you are arrogant and evil and corrupt sounds pretty bad, thats how a dictator of a horrible and cruel reigeme would sound.
P.S. I am thinking about getting an IQ test and you said you tested at a genius IQ, i am wondering what a genius IQ IS so i know how many points i fall short of it! =)

TheOtherTruth responds:

Thank you for your review.

OMG, are you sure that you are only 16? This thing is a novel! Where should I start?

HATE?!?..no, ANGER, yes. Most of my best friends are actually right wing republicans (There are no liberals where I live!) I actually do have a very open mind and can agree with conservatives in many areas....and, I am actually very moderate (you wouldn't know it from my work!)

Here is where I see the fundamental problem... Every time I talk to a conservative republican, their knee jerk reaction to everything is usually " you bunch or bleeding heart liberals. If you don't like it here, move out of the country!"

For the rest of the conversation, these people will not bend in thought or listen to another word I say. It is like talking to a brick wall. I, and the very few more moderate and liberal people I know, will universally listen to what the conservative say and try to see where they are coming from.

So are these conservative republicans dumb??? YES, if they are shuting their ears off and not even considering the other side of the issue. Close-mindedness is indeed ignorance. If they actually listen and debate, then no. If you doubt me on this one, go read the reviews written by 70TA (one of which was removed by newgrounds for being hateful), and many of the other conservatives who responded. Their reviews were disgraceful and exactly the kind of right wing response that I usually get.

RELIGION! I was baptised Catholic, but actually go to my wifes church (the whole 2 times a year that I go). You are 100% correct that religion should have NOTHING to do with politics. That is why my 10 commandments movie is so important. You can't mix the two. If you do, you get Afghanistan or Iran. I just don't believe theocracies work.

GEORGE BUSH and his whole family are corrupt to the bone. There is a lot written about this, and worth researching. There is far too much to go into on this topic.

I am not talking about the type of corruption where you are sleeping with Monica Lewinsky and you don't want to get caught. I am talking about serious malfeasance that should land George Bush and Dick Cheney in jail. I am NOT trying to be sensationalist here. These two have and are commiting the same type of crimes as the people who were in charge of WORLDCOM and ENRON, and are getting away with it. That leak of the CIA agent is just the most recent example of this.

IQ TESTS....Don't bother! My IQ is 140, and I believe that genius level IQ is 140-160. BUT IQ MEANS NOTHING

It really doesn't. It just becomes an arguing point for most people. (Whoch is why I created Mensa Man)

IQ is simply a measure applied to sombody's concept of what they feel an intelligent knows nad should be able to reason.

Put in context, you might have a mechanic who knows everything about repairing all things mechanical. Cars, motorcycles, TV's, computers, what have you.

He might test with an IQ of 102 (2 above average).

I would argue with you that he coulc be much smarter than me, because I lack the capacity to do anything like that.

Intelligence is a hard thing to put a value on.

Open mindedness, creativity, ingenuity, leadership ability, and kindness are all examples of things that are more valuable than raw, intellectual ability.

Very good!

I love this game for some stange reason! One reason is that i actually live in Valdez, AK. I typed my town's name in and, by the grace of God, a flash was made about it. Just a few things you should know, the water here is FAR from pristene! It is an ugle green color, vomit makes it look BETTER for God's sake! One last thing, there are NO damn icebergs here, we are the northernmost port that is ice free. We may have some ice chunks every now and then, but no ice bergs! Please change the "pristine blue water" statment. That is only hippie propaganda man! But, we do have a lot of wildlife here. Thank you for a flash about my own, God forsaken (just kidding!) town of Valdez AK.

half way decent flash

but i play LARP, so i am a little biased against it. Why do you want to shoot us? We know we look really stupid, but it IS fun. It's just what we like to do, so please back off. It's like midevil paintball. (Except real paintball IS funner, i admit that)

Good idea

But you should have gone way more in depth with it. Add a maze, more storyline, (like you could be Dr.Hellsing, the guy who killed Dracula) etc... It's OK for a first time and some more in the future would be nice. By the way, nice music!

The only thing neccesary for the triumph of Evil is for Good men to do nothing.-Edmund Burke I may not agre with a word you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.-Voltaire My country right or wrong = Facism.-Me

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